Hi, remember me? It’s been a while since I’ve been here but I’m hoping to be here more. Writing has always been very therapeutic for me.

So, “the best kind of cancer” has been the odd, but strangely comforting way folks are keeping me positive about my diagnosis: Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. What I thought was a bad case of pneumonia turned out to be a mass on my right lung. It was filling my lung and the area around my heart with fluid, leaving me breathless and sending me into coughing fits that caused people to turn away in disgust. I don’t blame them. Even I was grossing myself out!

I’ve spent the past week in the hospital getting that fluid drained, which requires a startling amount of needle prodding and x-raying. As you can see, those things turn me into a sniveling ninny.

(my mom loves to take pictures)

(my mom loves to take pictures)

Oh, and the extra 11 pounds that have managed to stealthily creep their way into my cheeks? Doctors have reassured me those are simply a side-effect of all the fluids they’ve pumped into me before surgery. So it IS safe to eat something. In fact, it’s encouraged. Strongly. Ms Sanchez, please eat something already!

I’ve already had my pity party. No one was invited. Now I’m turning my attention to taking it one day at a time. The nurses make it easy by writing my daily goals on the blackboard in my room.

I don’t mean to brag, but I am far surpassing these goals on a daily basis. It’s the Filipino in me.

I’m not ready for visitors just yet, and besides I’ll probably be out shortly. I’ll likely begin my first chemotherapy treatment soon. I’ll finally get to see if my man truly believes that I would be beautiful even if I was bald :).