It isn’t often I think of “Hello” as a creepy word. It’s actually undefined and a bit unoriginal, something you say to that co-worker you always pass in the halls at work but whose name you can never remember. Or a word you use to title an email that you can’t sum up in a sentence. But the way I saw it written Saturday night was definitely creep-tastic.

It was scrawled in red marker on the passenger-side window of my friend’s SUV. We noticed it as she was dropping me off after a night out near Mall at Millenia.

“Did you write that?” she asked with what was surely a rhetorical question. It hadn’t been there before but I’ve never been one to leave cute messages in permanent marker on someone’s car as a poignant reminder that I was there. I figure the nail polish shavings that I tend to chip off and leave all over the seat and floor mats is enough.

We brushed it off that night thinking some jerk had written it on the outside while the car was parked at the restaurant. It was slightly more annoying than finding a flyer under your windshield. But the next morning as she went to clean it off she discovered that the message had, in fact, been written on the INSIDE of the vehicle and more than likely with the red marker she kept in her center console. Suddenly the Hello no longer looked like the immature prank of a drunk college freshmen but rather something that might appear in the mirror after summoning Bloody Mary. Someone had gotten into her LOCKED vehicle and done nothing more than scrawl a one-word greeting on the window, but it spoke volumes. How often do you get into your car at night and never bother checking the back seat? Even after recognizing that something was strange that night we brushed it off like lint on a blouse and didn’t think about it till the next day. It could very well have been just a harmless, yet odd prank, but it still serves as an ominous reminder to always be aware of your surroundings. You never know who has access to you.