It’s amazing what even just a one-week change of scenery can do to recharge your battery and reset your mind. For the past three months or so I’ve had writer’s block in the worst way! My mind was a black hole of legible thoughts. Every time I sat down to write a blog I found myself easily distracted by the most mundane things: what is the weather like in Utah? I wonder if Laura, Cortney and Troy can do lunch after work. Do animals dream (apparently they have very complex dreams, according to MIT researchers)? Casey Anthony’s hair has gotten long. What’s the point of funding research on animal dreams???

It was like a shiny ball was being perpetually bounced in front of me. It was frustrating and somewhat frightening. What would I do if I could no longer form an opinion coherent enough to put in writing? Is this what Charlie Sheen feels like all the time?

Then I read about the Circadian Rhythm, a drum circle for drug-taking liberals. Just kidding. Circadian is Latin for “around day.“ It basically explains how humans are biologically wired to wake up when the sun rises and go to bed after the sun sets. But because I, like the rest of my morning news co-workers, do the exact opposite, I’m throwing my entire biological clock into a tailspin (no, hun, this doesn‘t mean I‘m itching to have a baby). Apparently sunlight has a direct effect on human health which may explain why, after two years of waking up at 2am, I easily lose my train of thought, and I catch colds and viruses if anyone sneezes within a 10-mile radius of me. It may also explain why I feel compelled to honk at the driver in front of me even before the light actually turns green, and why I’ll adamantly argue over whether human nature can be blamed on the id or ego when, honestly, all I know is that they make good Scrabble words.

It became really apparent to me last week while I was visiting family in Southern California (which is another blog all together!) and sleeping regular hours. Sure, for the first few days I was dead tired at 7pm and wide awake at 2am, but it gave me lots of time to master three stars on every level of Angry Birds and I even started a Words With Friends game against myself (hey, even in Calfornia there isn’t much to do at three in the morning). By the 5th day I was sleeping normal and I only picked two petty fights with my boyfriend (one was a valid critique of the way he was driving, in my opinion) and my energy level was up. It definitely refreshed my mind.

On the positive side I now have a usable fall-back excuse for everything, “It’s hard for me to go to the gym/eat healthy/watch your dog/help you move/return a phone call/etc because my Circadian Rhythm is acting up again.” But what is one to do when they love their job and co-workers, but struggle with the shift? I simply adjust. I’m back to meditating again and I’m getting a “Happy Light Therapy Lamp.” I turn it on when I wake up and it supposedly mimics sunlight. For $100 you’d think it would make coffee, too, but I guess you can’t put a price on your biological clock.